Cutting edge technology. With a purpose.

We develop technology that will radically change the way we measure blood pressure.

Arresting the «silent killer»

Hypertension is the number one cause of early death and seriously impedes the well being for millions of people world wide. Symptoms and warning signs are often vague, if noticeable at all, which often lead to the illness going unnoticed, undiagnosed, lending the name «the silent killer».

Furthermore, it is not unusual to see patients wrongly diagnosed with hypertension, receiving medical treatment which doesn’t address the real issue. In both cases the patient is suffering unnecessary.

Add the «white coat effect» on top of that, and you’ll see why we saw the need for a cuff-less, non-invasive, easy-to-use blood pressure monitor. Aidee's upcoming product EmBody is aiming to present an accurate measurement of blood pressure over long periods of time through the use of sophisticated sensor technology. Our goal is to enable practitioners across the globe to more precisely diagnose hypertension. It will also benefit athletes and individuals seeking deeper knowledge of the circulatory system.


Aidee EmBody offers a high grade of precision as we measure blood pressure continuously. The product is attached around the upper torso and measures directly on the skin.


Aidee EmBody isn’t any more invasive than putting on a watch on the wrist – or any other wearable for that matter. It sits comfortably around the upper waist and doesn’t inhibit any activity or daily routine.


Aidee EmBody is a little powerhouse, collecting data through its sensors all of the time. Blood pressure, ECG and other vital data are measured in real time.

Innovative sensor technology for quality of life

Cost & time efficient


The World Health Organization has pointed to hypertension as the number one cause of early death. It is a condition that is difficult to diagnose and may lead to other conditions such as strokes or cardiac arrest. Reducing hypertension would be a great benefit to the collective world health, saving millions of lives.

Health personnel

Diagnosing hypertension has historically been done through repeated visits the the doctors office or through imprecise 24-hour measuring methods. In all cases, the use of a cuff-based measurement is required. The «white coat effect» sets in and may produce faulty data. Aidee EmBody represents a whole new way of conducting measurements, reducing the workload for health personnel.


For the patient, the risk of being given a wrong diagnose is reduced. Instead of a cuff on the arm, tubing and wiring, the patient is equipped with a device he or she may be familiar with as it is more like a pulse monitor or wearable training device. Afterwards they are given a precise diagnose and can be rest assured their health is taken care of.

We truly believe our Blood Pressure Monitor will provide a giant technology leap in monitoring and diagnosing hypertension patients, both in hospitals and at home. It can potentially save thousands of lives – a great internal motivator!

Espen Westgaard