We’re data scientists, engineers, practitioners and technologists with a big drive for solutions that are able to change monitoring for the better.

We do it with a scientific and statistical approach, but with the heart and mind of entrepreneurs.


SINTEF initiated the development of a cuffless accurate and continuous blood pressure measurement device, focusing on the science and methodology’s development.


SINTEF entered an agreement with Datek to further develop the technology into a commercial product. Datek created a spinout company named Datek Smart Health to bring the technology into the market.


Our research project, HyperSension, received funding from the Norwegian Research Council. Torbjørn Røe- Isaksen, the Minister of Trade and Industry, visited us to learn more about our research. Our project was chosen by the Research Council to front their funding activities.

Aidee and SINTEF merged efforts with Oslo University Hospital, a world leader in hypertension research, and Sandefjord Helsepark, a large company of General Practitioners, to develop and validate the Aidee EmBody concept and prototype.


Start PhD - Sondre Heimark


Datek Smart Health changed its name to Aidee Health and the product defined as Aidee EmBody.


Aidee Health receives ISO-13485 certification. The certificate verifies that Aidee has a Quality Management System for Medical Devices complying with the ISO-13485:2016 standard.

Start PhD - Christine Hove


Aidee Health receives the ISO-27001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to information security and data protection.

Normen/Norsk Helsenett approval

Our team has grown over the last few years, and we are now a very strong and knowledgeable team ready for the exciting steps ahead of us!

Sustainable future

Aidee focus on sustainability and we meet many of the UN’s sustainability goals:

This is the essence of the product. The goal is to reduce the mortality rate of undiagnosed and untreated high blood pressure.

The company has a stated policy that half of all employees in the company must be women. The company has both a female general manager and a female research manager.

Ambitions of global presence and to become a great workplace with employees in several countries.

The company is based on research and innovation, and has a policy that products and services will be created through research.

The plan is for production to be carried out in Europe as much as possible, and we have great focus on the external environment and rationalization of production and transport

The company is already ISO-14001 certified (External Environmental Management System) and has processes and procedures for climate-friendly solutions, requirements for suppliers related to climate, etc.

Our product is the result of a unique collaboration between research institutions (Sintef and Ullevål), the primary health service (Ullevål and GPs at Sandefjord Helsepark) and the business community. This is a stated goal going forward, to further develop the products through collaboration and effective research