We’re data scientists, engineers, practitioners and technologists with a big drive for solutions that are able to change health monitoring for the better.

Our employees

Espen Westgaard

CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Espen is the CEO in Aidee Health and holds Masters degrees in Communication Systems and Business Management. He has recently been the CEO and CTO of Datek AS and holds multiple board positions. Espen has more than 20 years of experience in different technical and management roles within sensor and IoT systems.

Trine Seeberg

CSO - Chief Scientific Officer


Trine M. Seeberg serves as the Chief Scientific Officer at Aidee Health. Her background in physics and her passion for making sensors useful have greatly contributed to her work in sports and health science for more than 14 years. Additionally, she brings over a decade of experience in the development and production of highly advanced electronic devices.

Alexey Stepanov

CDSO - Chief Data Science Officer


Alexey is the CDSO in Aidee Health. He holds a PhD in Computer Science and MSc in Applied Mathematics. Alexey has 15+ years experience in industrial R&D, bringing cutting-edge science to commercial products.

Kasper Bøtker-Rasmussen

Data Scientist


Kasper Gade Bøtker-Rasmussen is Data Scientist at Aidee Health. With a strong educational background in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics from Aalborg University, Kasper brings a solid foundation of knowledge to his expertise in developing advanced algorithms and leveraging data-driven insights.

Sofie Petterson

CRO – Chief Regulatory and Quality Officer


Sofie holds a MSc in Biotechnology and is an experienced leader within the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Sofie is passionate about Quality and Management Systems and is the PRRC and Management representative responsible for the QMS at Aidee Health.

Ove Brusegard

CISO and DPO - Chief Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer


Ove is the CISO in Aidee Health and has a Master of Law from University of Oslo, Norway. Ove has held several positions in the field of cyber security.

Kyrre Aalerud

Embedded Developer




Norway’s leading science institution. A vast network of expertise.


Norways largest hospital with world-leading experts on blood pressure.


More than 20 years of experience from developing sensor systems.

Sandefjord helsepark

Unique insight and end-user involvement from GPs and health personnel.

Aidee is backed by clinical professionals, researchers and extensive technical expertise.