A wearable and medically accurate blood pressure monitor for continuous measurements – without the inflating cuff

Health & Technology

Our partners are world leading in their respective fields: we have combined our expertise in IoT with world leading clinical expertise on hypertension and blood pressure measurements from Oslo University Hospital, technology and research expertise in wearable devices from SINTEF and unique insight and end-user involvement from GPs and health personnel at Sandefjord Helsepark.


Norway’s leading science institution. A vast network of expertise.


Norways largest hospital with world-leading experts on blood pressure.


More than 20 years of experience from developing sensor systems.

Sandefjord helsepark

Unique insight and end-user involvement from GPs and health personnel.

Customer value

Health Care Professional

Better quality of treatment and diagnosis

  • Reliable data
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve clinic workflow


Improved patient satisfaction

  • Increased control and knowledge about patient condition
  • Motivate and assist in lifestyle intervention
  • Getting blood pressure measured without disturbing sleep and everyday routine


1 in 4 men

1 in 5 women

More than 1 billion people around the world have hypertension or raised Blood Pressure – and less than 1/5 have it under control.

Complications from untreated hypertension is cause of death #1 in the world.


Our blood pressure monitor should be worn comfortably in a chest strap and measure blood pressure continuously down to each heartbeat.

This is done by electrical (ECG) and optical (PPG) measurements on the chest combined with a model that can calculate blood pressure accurately based on the measurements. This is a radical innovation compared to today’s cuff-based monitors for 24-hour monitoring with the following innovative features:

  • The measurement method does not affect the measurement results
  • Measurements can be made continuously
  • Measurements can be performed during normal movement